Tendu Footed Tights

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Tendu Footed Tights-   Wonderfully soft tights with gusset, soft waistband and confortable toe seams 

84% Micronylon, 16%Spandex.

Size Guide- Child and Adult sizes available:-

TFC1 Chid Size 4-7 years (Weight up to 25kgs and height up to 128cms)

TFC2 Chid Size 8-12 years (Weight up to 40kgs and height up to 152cms)

TFA3 Adult Size Small/med (Weight 45kgs-68kgs and height 152- 172cms)

TFA4 Adult Size Med/Large (Weight 68kgs- 90kgs and height 157-182cms)

Design may vary slightly from picture

Available in Pink, White, Black and Tan

Color: PInk