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An excellent device for strengthening the intrinsic foot muscles in the arch. Not only for dancers!! Mums with bunions can benefit too!

Archxerciser Foot Exerciser - Standard- Made entirely in the USA

The Elgin Archxerciser provides resistance for key foot exercises used in clinical rehab of the arch and foot. The Archxerciser affords patients relief from sore feet by strengthening the foot's intrinsic and extrinsic musculature. Treats a variety of common foot ailments including plantar fasciitis and heel spur syndrome. Archxerciser has a variety of applications. Useful for treating the foot & ankle after surgery, Both the Archxerciser and Pro Archxerciser is proven to improve an athletes and dancers jumping performance and acts as a preventative aid against sore feet for those who stand for extended periods.


Archxerciser Foot Exerciser - PRO RESISTANCE - Made entirely in the USA

The Elgin Archxerciser Pro Resistance provides a stronger resistance for key foot exercises of the arch and foot. The Archxerciser Pro is designed as an advanced model for athletes who have graduated from the Original Archxerciser which affords patients relief from sore feet by strengthening the foot's intrinsic and extrinsic musculature. 

All Archxercisers are packaged in a retail clamshell package with instruction card.

Shin splints? Knee pain? It could be weak feet  (A portion of an article published in The Bulletin on May 21, 2015 by Tara Bannow)

Weak feet or ankles that lack stability can cause a number of issues up north, although people tend to overlook these areas. But because feet form the base for the body’s forward motion, they’re crucial in determining which muscles will be emphasized as the body moves. If they’re weak, a person’s balance can be completely off — a big problem for older individuals. 

Weak feet and instability can also contribute to ailments such as bunions; Morton’s neuroma, a painful nerve condition in the ball of the foot; Achilles tendonitis, swelling and pain in the tendon that connects the leg to the heel; hip bursitis, inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs in the hip joint; and plantar fasciitis, swelling and pain in the tendon that runs along the bottom of the foot. 

“You know the adage, ‘When the foot hits the ground, everything changes?’ It’s so literally true,” Ford said. “It’s oftentimes the key to treating the knee, treating the hip, treating the back, because if you can change things below, where everything starts, you can really change what’s going on above.”


Available in 2 strengths- Standard, and Pro

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Alan R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Not enough resistance

I bought the pro resistance one elsewhere, thinking it would offer a good resistance but I am disappointed in how little tension the spring produces. I can use it for minutes on end without getting tired. The item is very convenient for foot training I just wish it had more resistance. I am 6ft 3 and 240lbs man so this may be the reason but my feet are a weak body part of mine. Any advice will be appreciated


Thank you so much for this. Sorry that it is not strong enough for you. Looking at your size and weight, I am thinking that you are probably a lot bigger and stronger than the average target market for this product. One thing I would suggest, is make sure when you are doing the exercises that you do not allow your toes to curl at all. Try and keep them straight (easier said than done) which then. helps use more of intrinsic muscles, and less extrinsic from the calf? If you search for Lisa Howell intrinsic foot muscle exercises online you may find more ideas to do without this device? Wishing you all the best and thanking you for your time and review.

Germany Germany
I recommend this product

In search of some foot exercise against hallus valgus I found the archxerciser - excellent equipment.


Thank you so much! Glad you are finding it good. If you can try and keep your toes as straight as possible while using it,( its really tricky not to curl them around the knob) it will target the intrinsic muscles more too!